Producing and Mixing


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Producing feeds a part of my creative being unnourished by my other musical activities. It has something to do with the pursuit of a complete vision and a challenge to create the whole that, as the old adage claims, is greater than the sum of its parts.


I have a boutique studio in Toronto called THE NUCULAR LIBARY (intentional spelling) which accommodates many of my sessions. To take advantage of large room ambience, or when volume and other circumstances require it, I use one of two or three other studios in town (for extensive drum tracking, and group sessions, for example). I also offer my drumming on any record that I produce at no extra charge.




MUSCLE SOULS Love is Best (2017) -- Producer/Arranger, Engineer, Mixer, Musician


THE JESSICA STUART FEW The Passage (2016) -- Co-Producer/Arranger, Engineer, Mixer, Musician


SHE SAID SAVE ME Over 35 songs on 10 EPs (2009-2015) -- Producer/Arranger, Engineer, Mixer, Musician


JOHN SHEARD A Festival of Carols (2013) -- Mixer, editing


MIA SHEARD Curse of the Vorus (2013) -- Mixer, Musician


RYAN GRANVILLE-MARTIN Mouthparts and Wings (2013), featuring Ron Sexsmith, Martin Tielli, Snowblink, Gavin Gardiner (Wooden Sky), Colleen Brown and others -- Producer/Arranger, Engineer, Co-mixer, Musician


GREGG LEROCK Le Caractère Compte (2012) -- Engineer, Mixer, Musician


JOHN SHEARD Movie Night in Vinyland, a bonus track added to re-release of Jerusalem (2012) -- Mixer


DAVID NEWLAND Give it a Whirl (2012) -- Co-engineer


CHARLOTTE CORNFIELD Two Horses (2011) -- Producer/Arranger, Engineer, Mixer, Musician


JOHN ADAMES (Prairie Oyster), a single entitled In the Mercy of Your Love (2011) -- Mixer


MARS ALEXANDER Rock Off (2011) -- Producer, Engineer, Mixer


CHARLOTTE CORNFIELD It's Like That Here (2007) -- Producer/Arranger, Engineer, Mixer, Musician


WEATHERING Weathering (2003) -- Producer/Arranger, Engineer, Mixer, Musician