Just some of the things people have been saying about Mouthparts and Wings...


“8/10... [an] eclectic and highly accomplished album of art-rock-inclined original material. Let's hope for more from this formidable talent.”

Kerry Doole – Exclaim Magazine


“Ryan Granville-Martin makes music just the way I like it: equal parts polish and punch. This is ambitious songwriting at its best - every track reveals a new set of skills. With Mouthparts and Wings Ryan Granville-Martin has taken a wild leap and landed gracefully on his feet.”

Laurie Brown – host of CBCs The Signal


“There’s nothing else quite like it.  Mouthparts and Wings is the quintessential studio rock album, the kind of hallmark recording you’d expect from a complex collaboration of the music industry’s best and brightest, or that of a superlative group like WILCO at their most ambitious.”

Jeffrey Burns -


“Granville-Martin’s songwriting and arrangements represent an eccentric, ambitious take on Toronto’s alt-rock scene [and he] totally nails it.”

Sarah Greene – Now Magazine


“This album is like a gift bag. You reach in and pull out something and think, "How awesome is that?" And there's another thing underneath the first piece of tissue, and another, and another...”

Amanda Putz – host of CBCs Bandwidth


“Ryan Granville-Martin has done a pretty cool thing with Mouthparts and Wings. [T]he results are pretty killer [with] an array of textures that pull and drag like an undertow.”

Lee Boyes – VUE Weekly


“The first thing a listener might see, before even beginning to play this album, is the sheer impressiveness of the names on this record. There’s so much that can be talked about…this album is best as a discovery. The more one listens, the more the album will begin to reveal itself.”

Michael Thomas – Grayowl Point (Canadian music blog)


“Innovative and artful. I can see this album being a staple in anyone’s music collection who loves folk, rock, indie pop, orchestral rock and beyond. Go on and get on it!”

Christiana Bartolini – Indie Shuffle (American music blog)


“What a wonderful surprise! After spending years accompanying many great singers and songwriters, Ryan Granville-Martin has come out with a brilliant album of his own music. Though it’s his debut as a solo artist, Mouthparts and Wings is just as poised and mature as it is expressive and lovely. And with a bunch of his best musical pals thrown into the mix, to boot!”

Grant Stovel – CKUA


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