Mouthparts and Wings


Mouthparts and Wings is my debut album, released in 2013. It was composed, produced, and arranged by yours truly. I played most of the instruments (farming out for strings, horns, a couple guitar solos and a few other noises). Each song is sung by a different singer. The guest singers, in order of appearance, are Martin Tielli, Daniela Gesundheit (Snowblink), Gavin Gardiner (The Wooden Sky), Colleen Brown, Ron Sexsmith, Nate Mills (Run With the Kittens), Ford Pier and Mia Sheard. I sing two songs myself and there is one instrumental.


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Album Credits:

Produced by Ryan Granville-Martin
Mixed by RGM, Chris Stringer, and Dubya
Mastered by David Travers-Smith
Recorded in Toronto by RGM at the NUCULAR LIBARY, Uncomfortable Silence, and Arraymusic.

Additional recording by Chris Stringer at Reaction Studios, Jono Grant at Victory Drive Recording, Colin Stewart at The Hive in Vancouver, Jeremy Darby at Canterbury Music, Martin Tielli at his old place on Sorauren, and Kurt Swinghammer at his house.


All songs by Ryan Granville-Martin (SOCAN) ©2013
String and horn arrangements by RGM


All sounds on this record were generated by real, tactile instruments invented no later than 1983.


Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for their generous support in the making of this album.


Mouthparts and Wings is dedicated to the memory of the mighty Aaron Douglas Granville-Martin (1971-2001). He had 86 hit points and an armour class of -4.


Physical CD Credits:

Cover/sleeve photography by John Harvey
Graphic design by Christine Peters
Crane fly by Martin Tielli


Performance Credits:


The Prisoner
Martin Tielli - vocals; Lynch mob: Simon Law, Mia Sheard, Dan Goldman, Ford Pier, Kurt Swinghammer, RGM; Kurt Swinghammer - guitar solo; RGM - piano, stomps, bass, drums, electric and acoustic guitars, bar chimes, noises, backing vocals


Jackhammer Burden
Chris Gartner - bass; Ford Pier - lead guitar; RGM - vocals, rhythm electric and acoustic guitars, Rhodes, drums, noises


Welcome Honey
Daniela Gesundheit - vocals; Dan Goldman - slide guitar and noises; RGM - baritone guitar, pedal bass, drums, Rhodes, acoustic and electric guitars, organDX7


Gavin Gardiner - vocals; Mia Sheard - backing vocals; Karen Graves - violin; Kathryn Sugden - violin; Anna Redekop - viola; Alex Grant - cello; Joe Phillips - double bass; Michael Phillip Wojewoda - ARP 2600; RGM - bridge vocals, Rhodes, piano, bass, drums, DX7, glockenspiel, tambourine, noises, ARP


Colleen Brown - vocals; Rob Piilonen - flute; Mitch Yolevsky - clarinet; Laura May Elston - alto sax; Rich Underhill - alto, tenor and bari sax; Anna Frey - French horn; Kurt Swinghammer - noises; RGM - acoustic guitar, vibes, bass, drums, piano, harmonium


All Good Things (Come to Those Who Wait)
Ron Sexsmith - vocals; Mia Sheard - Miatron/backing vocals; John Showman - violin; Kurt Swinghammer - Omnichord; RGM - slide guitar, piano, bass, drums, acoustic and electric guitars, organ, tambourine


Nate Mills - vocals; RGM - backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums, dumb guitar solo, explosives


St Barnabas
Karen Graves - violin; Kathryn Sugden - violin; Anna Redekop - viola; Alex Grant - cello; RGM - vocals, prepared piano, nylon string & steel string acoustic guitars, baritone guitar, sleigh bells


Ford Pier - vocals; Mike Olsen - cello; John Showman - violin; Rob Piilonen - flute; RGM - electric guitar, bass, drums, piano, congas, tambourine


A Prayer for Owen Meany
(instrumental); Karen Graves - violin; Kathryn Sugden - violin; Anna Redekop - viola; Alex Grant - cello; Rob Piilonen -flute; RGM - bass, DX7, Ebow, ride cymbal, bass drum, snare drum, noises, fireworks


Returning Home
Mia Sheard - vocals; Paul Linklater - electric guitars; Mike Olsen - cello; RGM - acoustic guitar, bass, drums, organ, piano