Self-produced debut album, Mouthparts and Wings, just released! (This is a was released in 2013 but I haven't updated my site in a while.)


“8/10... eclectic and highly accomplished... Let's hope for more from this formidable talent.”

Kerry Doole – Exclaim Magazine


“Equal parts polish and punch. This is ambitious songwriting at its best. With Mouthparts and Wings Ryan Granville-Martin has taken a wild leap and landed gracefully on his feet.”

Laurie Brown – host of CBCs The Signal


Composed, produced, arranged and largely performed by RGM, Mouthparts and Wings features a different singer on each song, including:

Martin Tielli Mia Sheard
Ron Sexsmith Ford Pier
Daniela Gesundheit (Snowblink) Colleen Brown
Gavin Gardiner (The Wooden Sky) Nate Mills

...and, of course, Ryan himself.


You can find further details by clicking on the Mouthparts and Wings thumbnail above.